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Multi-component injection moulding feature.
Multi-cavity injection moulding system.

The dual injection mold comprises two injection molds of two or more different plastic materials. It is a multi-cavity injection molding tooling system used to manufacture products as a combined finished product through a single cycle. Two injection apparatuses and an injector or a core or slide structure having a structure in which a rotating mechanism is provided on a movable plate. It is a Multi-component injection moulding that is designed to be injection-molded so as to be filled with a secondary resin in a primary molded product and a secondary cavity. Since the primary and secondary cavities are precisely replaced, there are fewer restrictions on the shape and a wider range of applications makes it possible to diversify designs. Reduces costs by molding two parts with one molding. It is possible to produce various design products due to accurate molding.

Multi -component injection mold feature

  • Molding products through ONE-CYCLE using two different and unique resins.
  • Outline design improvement (broader application of developed products.)
  • Improved productivity by shortening production time and reducing defective rate.
  • Cost reduction by assembly process and reduction of post process.

First Shot

Green arrow shows robot transfering part from upper cavity to the lower cavity as an insert for overmolding.

Second Shot

Green arrow shows platen and mold clamped colsed for overmolding process to begin with the insert.